Thursday, April 09, 2015

#8 Greece Nazi occupation: Athens asks Germany for €279bn

Greece Nazi occupation: Athens asks Germany for €279bn

The Greek government is now asking from Germany to pay back their debt from the 1940s due to the Nazi’s atrocities. The amount Greece is asking from Germany goes up $303bn. Syriza is now making this claim while they are still struggling to make the deadlines. The Germany government however refuses to pay this amount and claims that this issue was resolved in the 90’s. The German Economy Minister Gabriel believes it is “dumb” on the government’s side, but that the Greek citizens deserve respect due to the sacrifices that they had to endure.  

Tsipras talked about this with Merkel last month during their meeting. They insist that this issue is not to be talked about again because it was solved before Germany was reunited, even if the Greek government claims that the amount given back then did not cover the damages.

Greece has not received any funds from the lenders since August last year because they are not satisfied with the pace in which Greece is reforming. Greece’s deadline to the IMF is this Thursday and the amount due is €448m. Varoufakis, Greece’s Finance Minister announced that Greece intends on meeting all obligations.

I believe it is not a coincidence that Greece remembered now about the money Germany owes them since 1940. They are desperately trying to find money from anywhere they can in order to save and be able to meet deadlines. In the Greek government’s defense; they are trying to do anything in order to save Greek citizens from the austerity the lenders are trying to make them go through. But, is this really the solution? Is this the way to actually get out of this huge debt Greece is currently in?

Eugenia Marantos

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