Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Blog 10: Jhadis Plans for Captured Women

Struggles for women in the Middle East and parts of Africa have been increasing, while the demand for equal rights and freedom of repression. Well the Islamic State, the Boko Haram, and Nigerian terrorist who have pledged allegiance to ISIS have taken a drastic measure to ensure their victory. Their tactics exceed battling on the battle field man to man. The treatment of women has gone to the extreme. They believe that if they capture and enslave women they will build a “caliphate”, which is a Sharia ruled state, complete with norms dating back to the seventh century, or that group’s interpretation of an Islamic state at that time. During Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda they believed a caliphate was a goal but in the far future for later generations, so now ISIS has started working on that goal. ISIS believes that if you are going to build a new successful society then you need women. Women play a vital role because they are needed to keep the home and raise their children to become ISIS soldiers.

Women who have escaped from ISIS capture have recollected on their brutal capture. The women remember being kept in warehouses with hundred of women, being lined up in groups, and being put on display for ISIS fighters to choose from. The women were chosen to be wives or sexual slaves. Doctor who treated the escaped women has evidence of their assaults. The Boko Haram is the group responsible for the kidnapping of the 276 female students in Nigeria in 2014. These students are among over 2, 00 females who have been captured by the group. The women who are forced into this life endure many repressions and abuse. Some women stated that many women attempt or succeed in committing suicide because some feel that death is the only way out.

These women are suffering on the daily basis. They are taken from their homes and forced into a life that is unequal, cruel, and brutal.


Illyana Massey
4/21/2015  8:17 pm

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