Friday, April 24, 2015

Blog 10

Blog 10

Niger meningitis death toll rises to 129: minister

       In Niger Africa the number of deaths due to meningitis has increased. Since the meningitis epidemic started in January 2015 there has been a total 129 deaths reported. As of April 22, there has been a total of 1,150 cases reported by the health minister. The meningitis disease has been spreading rapidly. Just on April 19 there were only 85 deaths reported and 908 cases reported. The health team are calling this meningitis epidemic "a manifest acceleration of the disease". It was stated that three of the five districts in the city of Niger are in an epidemic state as of now and are expecting the other districts to join them. According to a health care worker the rapid spread of the disease is due to the fact that several strains of meningitis are active and they take over from each other, also it is very contagious. The heath team also believe since there was a global shortage of vaccines against the disease that contributed to the rapid outbreak.

     I was surprised that Niger was in the news again this week for their outbreak of meningitis. I thought that the number of cases and deaths reported would have dropped by last week. Simply because it stated in last week’s article that there was going to be a shipment of vaccines for this disease at the beginning of last week. The shipment must of never arrived or it must have not of been effective. Also in this week’s article they stated how there was a shortage in vaccines for meningitis and in a country like Niger that can be detrimental because they are prone to these types of diseases.


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