Friday, April 24, 2015

Blog 10:Faith turns Christians into terrorist targets

The world's worst terrorist groups, such as ISIS and Al-Shabaab, aim to create societies governed by strict, distorted versions of Sharia law. This is bad because that means anyone who doesn't subscribe to such extremist views are enemies and in danger -- Christians included. Not only are Christians in danger, but most victims of ISIS are fellow Muslims who refuse to go along with the ISIS worldview and ruthless tactics. There has been more than enough evidence to prove that Christians have been targeted heavily by these terrorist groups. The latest attack occurred on Friday, April 24th,when an Italian prosecutor claimed that a network of Pakistanis associated with al Qaeda talked about attacking the Vatican back in March 2010. U.S. Rep. John Delaney stated that this attack is simply a wake up call to the world that we live in, regarding militant groups across the country, and Christian persecution. Some acts against Christianity has been planned, but not as horrifying as others. For example, there have been several reports claiming that Muslim migrants have threw 12 Christians off the boat in the Mediterranean Sea. Other deadly acts and alleged plots have been blamed on established terror groups, including a French man attacking French churches.
Sid Ahmed Ghlam asked for an ambulance to come to his Paris home on Sunday after (he claimed) he accidentally shot himself in the thigh.However, Ghlams plan went south after authorities ound four Kalashnikov guns, a revolver, ammunition, police armbands and more in his car and his home.

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