Friday, April 03, 2015

Blog 7: Exploring new methods

The Ebola infections are waning down, but experts believe some day there will be another Ebola comeback. The medical teams want to be prepared for when Ebola reoccurs.Ebola was a serious outbreak killing many people especially in West Africa. West Africa had the highest rates of death due to Ebola. In order to be prepared for the next Ebola outbreak doctors are exploring new treatments and diagnosis strategies for Ebola.
Dr. Adam Levine works for Rhode Island hospital emergency department; and is known for caring for some of the sickest individuals. Dr. Levine is assisting in preparation for the next outbreak. Dr. Levine first time caring for Ebola patients was in Liberia during the months of  August and September. Dr.Levine was with the International Medical Corp helping establish the first Ebola treatment unit. Dr. Levine first priority when caring for Ebola patients in the treatment unit was to make sure all staff were protected.
Dr. Levine developed a clinical prediction model for physicians to use during their practice. Some call the new model the “Ebola Prediction Model”. The ebola prediction score can be used while waiting on confirmation from the laboratory. Dr. Levine states that the predication model “helps risk strategy patients”.  The higher the prediction score is for  Ebola  the more likely it is for a patient to have Ebola. The lower the prediction score is the less likely it is for  the patient to have Ebola. If the prediction score is low the patient might have another disease prevalent in West Africa  such as Typhoid, Malaria,  and Etcetera . Some of the symptoms included on the Ebola prediction model is fever, nausea, vomiting, and muscle joint pains. The score is higher if more symptoms are chosen by the patient, and also  more subsequent risks are present.
Dr. Levine took what he learned in West Africa and utilized it for the Department of Health rapid response strategy in Rhode Island. Dr. Levine is hoping the World Health Organization utilize the prediction- model to help be better prepared for the next Ebola outbreak. Most experts is convince the deadly Ebola virus will return.

Analysis: This is an example of how if a social problem rate decrease that does not mean the social problem disappeared. There need to some techniques available  when needed to make sure the social problem does not recur. There also needs to be some researched done to find possible causes of the social problem. If the possible causes are known there could also be resources provided to prevent the social problem.


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April 3, 2015
11:38 pm

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