Monday, April 06, 2015

Blog 7: Iraq takes Back Tikrit


Tikrit is almost a completely ISIS free zone. A vast majority of the terrorist group, ISIS, has fled from Tikrit, but not without leaving something to keep everyone still there in a constant state of fear. The Iraqi forces reported that ISIS, before they left, rigged multiple vehicles with explosives and even booby trapped many buildings. Even with minimal ISIS ground troops in the area, Tikrit was still to be considered a live battle zone because of the dangers that were on every corner. The Iraqi troops had to dismantle hundreds of IEDs and are still checking buildings for more booby traps. While checking the buildings, the Iraqi troops and their Shiite support, they ran into heavy ISIS forces but they eradicated the problem in a timely matter. One location that had heavy ISIS resistance was former dictator Saddam Hussein's presidential palaces compound.
The liberation of Tikrit is seen as a significant victory in the eyes of the Iraqi government. It is their first victory over ISIS that did not require the assistance of the US armed forces. The Iraqi Prime Minister and Iraq’s top military commander announced that Tikrit is now under Iraqi government control.
In the time that ISIS had been in Tikrit, the group had murdered over 1500 innocent people and burned down numerous churches. It is believed that there are also mass graves located throughout Tikrit.
Due to the success of this attack to take back Tikrit, similar tactics will be used in many other locations that are under the control of ISIS


This is a very important victory for the Iraqi government. They believe that they finally know what they have to do to finally start winning the war against ISIS. After multiple failed attempts, I believe they can finally start making some progress in the war. There will be many more attempts to take back land that is controlled by ISIS in the coming days. With them having ISIS figured out, it is probably only a matter of time before ISIS is no longer a threat. 

Jordan Hagens 

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