Friday, April 03, 2015

Blog #7 Lock Down welcomed in Sierra Leone

A couple of weeks ago I talked about Sierra Leone going under a lockdown for 3 days to keep people safe and also to catch people with the virus that have been in hiding. A lot of the people in Sierra Leone are really glad to have the three day lockdown. Along with the lockdown quite a few volunteers that went door to during the lockdown to try and educate people about the dangers of Ebola. Also while on lockdown they are going to try and find people that have been infected with the disease. The volunteers are required to call 117 to report anyone that they find that is sick or they suspect of having Ebola. The only time people were allowed out of their homes was Friday for prayer and Sunday morning for Church service. Since the outbreak of Ebola the school system in Sierra Leone was shut down but is now set to reopen April 14. One the first day of the campaign the volunteers went around and explained to the people of the dangers of the disease and the symptoms. Also of how if you feel sick you need to go to the doctor and not the traditional healer to get help.


This is what I was talking about they went out and they was telling people about the disease and teaching them the importance of going to the doctor when you are sick. The people are learning about Ebola and in turn are getting help while they are sick. While they are on lockdown they can not only help people but teach them the importance of being healthy. Now hopefully with people learning more about the disease it can slow the spread of it. As well as help people get better.


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