Friday, April 03, 2015

Blog #7: Prosecutors Push Again to Investigate Argentine Leader in Bombing Case


A conspiracy investigation has been pushed against President Cristina Fernandez on Tuesday in a second appeal of a court decision which clears her name in trying to block the inquiry into the bombing that took place in 1994. Her accusation of her covering up Iran's role in a truck bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires threw her administration into turmoil when prosecutor Alberto Nisman said something on Jan. 14. It then turned into a political scandal when Nisman was found dead shot four days later after his accusations. "Nisman had claimed that Fernandez had worked behind the scenes to clear Iran and normalize relations in order to clinch a grains-for-oil deal with Tehran" She was then exonerated by a judge in February. A panel agreed, this month, with 2-1 vote that there wasn't enough  evidence to formally investigate the president. The case was brought to Argentina's top appeals court by newly assigned prosecutor German Moldes on Tuesday. He has helped organize a march last month to honor Nisman and to protest in what they call a culture of intimidation and meddling in Argentina's justice system. Moldes has accused the president of being involved in what he calls "a hidden plan that benefited another country while going against the objectives and interests of Argentina." A February poll shows that 55 percent of voters believes that Nisman's accusation against Fernandez was true and that she does have something to do with his death. But this has not stopped her from becoming popular. The political impact itself has softened with a survey showing that Fernandez's popularity has recovered to 36 percent versus 29 percent in February.


Although I do believe that Argentina's government has something to do with Nisman's death, I don't believe that Ms. Fernandez has anything to do with his death although I would like to think not. It is kind of hard now a days to really trust anybody and with one of them being the media. There is a lot of people said this and that going on in the world that at the end it's like OK what is write and what is wrong. Of course with this case there s a lot of denying the accusations which makes it even more harder to tell who is really the one telling the truth and who isn't.

Alexandra Palma

12:39 pm


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