Friday, April 03, 2015

Blog #7: U.N. Body Tells Russia to Act Against Human Rights Abuses

The United Nations rights experts have asked Russia to act on the human rights abuses that were reported. The committee issued this document after looking at Russia’s record last month. Some of these abuses are laws limiting free speech and targeting homosexuals and to act firmly to prevent torture by police, racist crimes and a wide range of other abuses. One committee member stated, “What worries us the most is the reduced space for civil liberties as the result of an onslaught of legislation.” This 12 page document noted abuses and violence, calling them “ultra-nationalist, racist and neo-Nazi” extremists and torturing crime suspects in jail. It specifically names Zaur Dadayev, the policeman who was one of the suspects in the murder of Putin critic Boris Nemtsov, asking Russia to investigate the allegation that Dadayev was tortured in prison. The laws that President Putin passed, limiting Internet activity and restricting links between Russian non-governmental organizations and foreign groups, appears to violate the U.N. convention.
            Russia has always been known for violating human rights. This was brought to light when Russia announced anyone displaying homosexuality at the Olympics would be arrested, no matter where they were from. There needs to be equal rights everywhere in the world for everyone. The U.N. also stated that it wanted Russia to fight the patriarchal attitudes on the role of women and men in the family and society at large. Something also needs to be done about the supposed torturing of suspects in prison. This is unacceptable, no matter what circumstances the individuals are in for. 

Emily Burris

6:04 pm


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