Friday, April 03, 2015

Blog #7 Yemen crisis: Houthi rebels pushed back in Aden


Loyalists of ousted Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi have pushed back Shia Houthi rebels in the southern city of Aden, officials say. In the south-east another port city, Mukalla, fell to al-Qaeda militants, who seized a military base.Over the past two weeks, fighting in Yemen has left more than 500 people dead and some 1,700 wounded, UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos has said. President Hadi fled to Saudi Arabia on 25 March after rebel forces advanced on Aden. Meanwhile, a military base and the port of the south-eastern port city of Mukalla were taken over by al-Qaeda militants. It happened a day after fighters broke into the town's jail freeing prisoners.


This event shows that Al-Qaeda is not something that has gone away. With the new focus by the media on ISIS Al-Qaeda has had less attention by the media. The fight between Sunni and Shia continue. It can be seen as a civil war that is happening in multiple countries. With coalition forces supporting the Shia it makes them the enemy of the Sunni Muslims. This might cause for increased involvement by coalition forces.

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