Thursday, April 02, 2015

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Shabab Attack on Kenya University
In Garissa, Kenya, five to six gunmen attacked students who attended a Kenya University on Thursday morning. These gunmen were clothed in combat uniforms, and either bulletproof vests or suicide bomb vests. Witnesses stated these gunmen rushed into the dormitories and separated the muslim and the non muslims. The attackers later took hostages and  slaughtered anyone who was not a muslim. It is reported that at least 70 students are dead and 79 are injured. Three out of the four dormitories located on campus were evacuated. Authorities were sent in to diffuse the situation and prevent the attack from escalating any further. The Shabab, which is an extremist group based in Somalia, broadcasted via radio that they were reposnisblw for the attack at the University located in Kenya. A bounty of 20 million Kenya shillings, which is  $215,000 American dollars,  has been currently set for the leader, Mohammed Mohamud. Kenya has issued a warning for many public places located in and around area near the University, such as religious institutions, night clubs, malls, governmental institutions, etc.  


The event that had taken place at the University located in Kenya is a prime example of an international crime. Many of the international crimes that occurs is a result of a religious group hatred of another religious group, thus ending terrorists attacks and a mass killing of the hated group. In this case it was muslims attacking non muslims. Some witnesses reported that the gunmen may have been wearing suicide bomb vests, which it a common aspect that we see with muslim, extremist groups. Many extremist are willing to sacrifice their  own lives because they are taught it is for the greater good of their religion or even the world; they also believe they will be rewarded by their deity, for what they considered, a heroic act.

Victoria McCollum
1:43 p.m.

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