Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Blog #8: 147 Students Dead After Assault on Garissa University

On Thursday morning, in the deadliest attack yet by al-Shabab, heavily armed attackers stormed Garissa University. First they killed the only two security guards that guarded the university and then fired on the students. At least 147 people, mostly students, were killed in an assault by al-Shabab militants. More than 500 students managed to escape, 79 of whom were injured. According to witnesses, the militants singled out Christians and shot them. Eventually, four of the gunmen were surrounded in a dorm and died when their suicide vests detonated and another was arrested. All of the students were evacuated after the siege was over. According to one of the students, he heard one of the gunmen say “we came to kill or be killed.” An overnight curfew has been implemented in Garissa and three other counties in Kenya. The Kenyan government named Mohamed Kuno, a high ranking al-Shabab official, as the mastermind behind the attack and has placed a $217,000 bounty on him. Al-Shabab has claimed the reason it attacked the university is because it is at war with Kenya.

This terrorist attack is most likely going to take a hit on Kenya’s tourist industry, which isn’t good considering the mall hostage incident that happened in Kenya not too long ago. The article also stated that the gunmen singled out Christians and shot them, which can possibly lead to some sort of religious conflict in the country which already struggled with tensions between religions. Other sources have stated that Kenya defense officials have bombed two Shabab training camps in Somalia, which is great because Kenya should respond to terrorism in a serious and severe way. Another thing that should happen is get more police officers or security to guard the school since only two were there at the time of the attack.  

Bethany Shaffer
8:04 p.m.

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