Friday, April 10, 2015

Blog 8: 2 New Ebola Vaccines on the rise

2 New Ebola Vaccines on the rise

There is a great amount of time and money being invested into the social problem concerning health focusing on the Ebola virus. Funds has also been provided to work on health problems related to Ebola like Marburg.  Right now a vaccine is being test on individuals in Liberia to assist in getting rid of the Ebola virus strain in humans. The side effect of the medication licensed to Merck is  fever, joint pains, and muscle pains. The side effects are not serious enough to block the medication usage. When a patient is given the medication it’s hard to resemble the Ebola virus from the medication reaction. There are two new improved version of the older medication licensed by Merek going through the process to be distributed to humans.
The new medications were tested on ten macaques (monkeys). Out of the sample eight of the monkey received the vaccination and two of the monkeys were used as controls to compare the possible outcomes. It was found that 28 days after the medication was given and the monkeys was injected with a strain of Ebola the eight monkeys was not ill with no side effects and the two controlled monkeys experienced death. So the medication protected the monkeys against the deadly strain of Ebola with no apparent side effects.  This is a big step because primates are lab animals that is the most similar to humans.
Thomas W. Geisbert Ebola expert at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston shared that the medication probably would be tested for human safety this summer. The two improved medications are being made by Profectus BioSciences. This is a big step for the future.

Analysis: The social problem concerning Ebola is a example of how a variety of different sciences can work together on solving a social problem . The variety of studies are working on what they specialize in and is putting the pieces together to get the best outcome possible. Not just one social science can solve the social problem of Ebola it self.

Ebony Barr
Soc 202
April 10,2015

Ebony Barr, Health and disease

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