Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blog 8: Congress Will Not Act


It appears that the US Congress has no intentions of launching strikes on the terrorist group, ISIS. In December, President Obama publicly asked congress to approve a mission to attack them. A month later, he used part of his State of the Union address to try to convince lawmakers to go forward with the mission. Apparently, the president’s call for action has fallen on deaf ears or no one thinks that ISIS is a big enough threat to attack. Kevin McCarthy stated that the president’s request to use military force was “dead in the house.” He stated that his request could not even attain a majority vote. The Republicans House leader is not really pressed on trying to convince the House members to authorize a strike and the law makers have told the administration that they do not care if they wage war because the law makers are staying out of it. While progress in Congress is at a halt, President Obama continues to launch drone strikes because it is all he has the authority to do.


It appears that this is just another time when the republicans are not going to come to an agreement with the Democrats. I don’t know if the lack of support to strike is really because they do not think it is necessary, or if it is just another notion made by President Obama that the republican party are shutting down before it can get off the ground. I hope that this will not come back to hurt this country, especially since it seems like now would be the perfect time to strike because the Iraqi forces are finally making progress against ISIS forces. After ISIS just makes claims to launch 9/11 style attacks, I hope that Congress comes to some kind of agreement soon.

 Jordan Hagens

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