Sunday, April 19, 2015

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Xenophobia Attacks in South Africa

In Durban, South Africa, local citizens attacked and  destroyed nearby businesses that were own by immigrants. As a result of the violence, six people were killed. The reason for the local citizens for attacking the immigrants’ businesses is because the locals believe the foreigners are taken their jobs and committing crimes. The current unemployment rate in South Africa is 25%. According to South Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma, immigrant workers are beneficial and they help stimulate the economy. Some citizens fled to nearby cities and others went to friend's houses for refuge. Currently, the police are working rigorously to gain control over the situation and ensure that the citizens and immigrants are safe.


The incident that has taken place in Durban, South Africa is very similar to the events that takes place here in the United States. For instance, here in the United States many people blame the unemployment rate because they believe foreigners are coming over and “stealing” jobs. Many people do not trust outsiders and that is not just in the United States, South Africa, but one may find this all over the world. Also it is common to see a high crime rate when there is a high unemployment rate. According to the Strain Theory people want to become successful and when they do not have the legitimate means, like having a job, they will commit  crime to reach that goal of success. In this case the outraged citizens tried to scare, kill, etc the immigrants in hopes to take their jobs back.

Victoria McCollum

April 19, 2015

8:09 PM

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