Friday, April 24, 2015

Blog Ten- New Clause for Bangledesh

Blog 10
In past weeks, there has been a lot in international news about increasing the minimum age in which girls are legally able to marry. This has given such hope for upcoming years and future generations. Hopes in that less abuse will occur within the home, that young girls would be able to do more for themselves, and that traditional beliefs would be revisited. While hope still remains intact, an article by Nandini Chowdhury from has pointed out that certain countries have instated a clause for the minimum age of marriage.
This clause states that the “Child Marriage Restraint Act will keep the minimum age at 18, but still allow natives to marry at 16, if the woman is pregnant, or with parental approval” (Chowdhurry, 2015). This means that the main issue of “forced” marriage for children is still present. It means that young girls can be manipulated by their culture and society to get married and pursue what others believe best.
Young girls can still be made to marry by way of parental encouragement. Though merely a draft, this act, says Nandina Chowdhury mentions that “instating can easily make the situation of child brides worse than it is and was” (Chowdhurry, 2015).  
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Chowdhurry, N. S. (2015, April 22). A dangerous clause to "legally" decrease child marraige in Bangledesh. In Devex. Retrieved from
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