Friday, April 17, 2015

Blog #9 Egypt court backs deportation of ‘gay’ Libyan man


Recently in Egypt a Libyan man, who was studying in the Arab Academy for Maritime Transport in Cairo, was deported due to solely being accused of participating in homosexual acts. According to the guardian, ever since the military overthrew the Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July of 2013 the authorities of Egypt have been targeting members of the LGBT community. This has led to an acceleration of arrest rates for members of the LGBT community. This case of the Libyan man is an example of the many cases of homosexuals that have been targeted. According to the Egyptian media, the reason the judge ruled in favor of the deportation of the Libyan man was to “prevent the spreading of social ills.”


Throughout the search of gaining knowledge on the LGBT around the world for my blog entries, I have focused for the majority of my blogs on the progresses the LGBT community has been facing around the world. There are plenty of states and countries that are still causing strain on the LGBT community. Egypt is in interesting example of the hardship LGBT community members have to face. Egypt does not explicitly write out in their laws that homosexuality or participating in homosexual acts is illegal. Rather they passed a law that prevents those that are visiting to do something against public morality. As well, Egypt makes it illegal for anyone to participate in acts that resemble debauchery. With this Egypt has made life in Egypt for members of the LGBT community really difficult, as it seems that these laws only truly apply to homosexuality. This is an example of a country that is far behind on progress for the LGBT community. Due to the hidden meanings behind their laws they are making it really difficult for all members of their society to really understand their views on homosexuality. Because the judge who ruled in favor of the deportation due to the “prevention of social ills,” I would have to say that the lack of knowledge Egypt’s population has on homosexuality based off the judge’s statement and the laws itself, shows how much they truly are not willing to learn.

Karen Bent
April 17th 2015
2:12 PM

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