Thursday, April 02, 2015

ISIS kills more than 40 in attack on Syrian village


The ISIS fighters on Tuesday killed over 40 people which were mostly civilians. The assault on the government held village of Mabuja was the latest attack by the Sunni extremist group.

The militants launch an offensive attack on Mabuja which is in central Syria which has patchworks of communities with many minority Christians as well as Ismailis and Alawites offshoots.

The Syrian Observation for Human Rights said the dead included 37 civilians who were stabbed. Shot dead or burned before the militants withdrew. Villagers were still missing but they don’t know whether it was cost by ISIS or not.

The extremist groups now holds one third of Syrian territory. The extremist group power has risen in the civil war.

The city was capture after four days of intense fighting and shelling between the Islamic fighters led by Al Qaeda and the Assad’s government.

ldlib became the second provincials to fall to the opposition after Raqqa. Since the fighting has been going on in this city some 30,000 people have been displace. It has been so extreme that there is electricity shortage and closure of schools and hospitals.

The ISIS was searching through the city for government supporters among the residents. The government refers to the armed opposition as ‘terrorist’.



This is a global affair because it is spreading beyond its borders. They have now capture key cities and have strongholds that are crippling Syria. They are a terrorist group that has to be stop. They are affiliated with Al Qaeda which is a threat to the world. It’s a global affair because they are killing civilians in inhumane ways such as beheaded, stabbing, burning and shooting people to death which will not be tolerated by countries.
Tempris McCollum
10:50 pm




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