Friday, April 24, 2015

Russia Concerned with NATO Military Operations

Over the past couple of days NATO has been running military exercises around Britain's cost and they claim that these operations have nothing to do with the Russia's excessive military action including jets flying over British territory. NATO has dubbed these operations under the name Joint Warrior and according to the article includes “13,000 personnel from 14 countries operating more than 50 ships and submarines as well as 70 aircraft.” Although NATO has been condemning Russia's influence in the Ukraine and their abrasive military actions they claim that Joint Warrior was in effect long before these actions. According to Commanding officer Brad Williamson “...It's not just a game we're doing out here, that there are real world implications to our ability to provide security to alliance member...” however NATO still chooses to keep the specifics of these operations top secret and have only really released that their operations are broken up into two parts training and a term they used “free play.” Russia has suspicions about the actions NATO is currently taking and has sent some of their own personnel to investigate although NATO claims that they did not see anything to raise for alarm.
There are a few questions to be asked about these actions that NATO has taken, one of course being whether or not this will become part of the aid that the U.K. Promised to send Ukraine a few weeks back. And of course whether or not Russia's jets flying in British airspace has anything to do with Joint Warrior, even if it is only to speed up operations.  
William A. Bullard 
April 24, 2015
11:13 PM

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