Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blog 2: Crime booms as Central Americans fear Police switched sides

Police corruption has continued to be a major issue for people living in Central America. People living in society have become more afraid of the police than the actual criminals. The police force in countries like Honduras El Salvador and Guatemala are so corrupt that it has everyone on edge. A woman’s son was killed and she strongly believes the police are behind it. It has been proven that the police are involved in murder-for-hire deals, drug trafficking, extortion crimes etc, but these conditions only seem to worsen. The countries that make up the “Northern Triangle”, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, have had loads of drug cartels come to these countries to escape law enforcement from their previous countries. They can get away with that because the drug cartels can pay off law enforcement, judges, legislators etc. That is where the corruption comes into play. Now that law enforcement is being paid to keep quiet about the illegal activities taking place the public security is at risk because the police are no longer doing their job. This means that there are higher murder rates.

I believe this current event happens a whole lot around the world, not just in these countries. Police corruption is a huge issue everywhere. Sometimes the police take deals out of greed. I feel in this situation with the police being paid off by the drug cartels, it means the police really did not care about protecting the society anyways. It seems like once extra money got involved they dropped what they were supposed to be doing for a quick buck. Murder rates will probably keep rising if the police stay corrupt and do not do their jobs. It is really a shame because the innocent people in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala will be the ones most affected by this. They are not safe and society shows no signs of it being safer anytime soon. If only outside forces could really get involved and take control of this situation.

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