Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blog 2:Global Health Leader Launches Uniquely Advanced Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Program

San Francisco Chronicle Press stated Cenegenics Medical Institute started a unique Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program with the most advanced program which includes the nation’s top laboratories that screen for cardiovascular disease. Cenegenics Medical Institute stated that Cardiovascular is the worse disease that takes more lives every year than all cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or accidents, per the AHA’s 2011. Ceregenic’s plan is to target the disease with the latest medicine and an innovative program. Previously, Cenegenics has focused on age management medicine and proactive health. Dr Robert Willix from Cenegentics said that advanced screening techonology is  our first endeavor to not to target illness only but also to reduce the development of disease. This program is provided to everyone. Cenegenics claims that they can prevent premature death, a heart attack or stroke but they have got to know warning signs before which their Heart Disease and Prevention Program helps them to do that. Dr Robert Willix said this Program includes genetic screening,advanced lipid panels, laboratory markers for plaque formation and assesments and assements for inflammatory markers.
       I am looking forward to see the positive results for this Program since it can prevent a lot of deaths by cardiovascular disease and it would really benefit other countries to reduce this serious disease
. Cenegenics are world wide and lets see how this Advanced Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program changes the life for the people who have family history of a heart disease and stroke. If this program combining the best aspects of the nations top laboratories helps to lessen cardiovascular disease then it would be really helpful for United State and other countries. According to the World Health Organization, 17 million people dies of Cardiovascular disease every year and I believe after if the program by Cenegenics will be successful then this death rate would go down.

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