Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blog 2: Gordon Brown calls for global education fund

According to this news article, Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown wants to create a worldwide fund that tackles the hidden and silent emergency in education. There is a recent report on Gordon Brown speaking on the silent education crisis. In which he states how global education crisis is barely making the headlines and how people tend to ignore the issue. To help resolve this issue he wants to create an independent Global Fund for Education that will raise 13billion a year. He believes this will help achieve the United Nations vision of primary education by the year 2015. Sixty-eight million children of primary school are not in formal education Gordon states. Mr. Brown wrote: “In the midst of our increasingly knowledge-based and interconnected global economy, millions of children in the world’s poorest countries are out of school. “Millions more are in school, but receiving an education of such abysmal quality that they are unlikely to gain even the most basic literacy and numeracy skills.” Gordon also states that all 193 United Nations member states are signed up to a Global Millennium Goal for primary school education by every child by the year 2015.

This saddens me to read that among all the countries in the world children of the poorest countries aren’t getting the proper education that they need. All children should have the opportunity to get the best quality of education because education is important. Education helps build towards better futures of tomorrow. I am glad to see that Gordon Brown is creating this Global Fund for Education because it will help fund for the poorest countries, so that those children are able to receive a good education. I am also glad to see that there is a year goal set to achieve this global education crisis. I hope to see this Global Fund for Education succeed. I am becoming a helping profession as a preschool teacher, so I am for funding aid for education.

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