Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blog 2: Sextuplets Born To Afghan Woman

           A woman from Afghanistan gave birth to sextuplets, three boys, and three girls.  When she found out she was having multiples, she tried to abort.  She even attempted to jump off a wall, but the babies still remained.  Five of the babies were healthy, and the sixth was underweight.  The father of the children is worried about their future.  He is currently unemployed and the Afghanistan government is suffering.  Due to war, conflict, and poverty, one in four children die before age five.  While Afghans are prideful in their large families, the reality is that many will not make it.  The growing population is only going to continue to grow in the future.  The country will continue to experience a stunt in economic growth because of the overpopulation.  The Afghan government has attempted to promote birth control however aid groups are posing opposition.  Aid groups believe that introducing contraceptives will be difficult in the conservative- Muslim society. 
            I believe that overpopulation is present in many societies.  The fact that large families are creating a major economic problem should be more push to create a greater education about the use of contraceptives.  The woman had the same amount of children at once that most women in Afghanistan have in a lifetime.  The prevention of overpopulation could be somewhat controlled by the education of contraceptives.  The contraceptives would allow for families to maintain the number of children they have and to help level the population.  I think that if women in Afghanistan and other countries alike were given the proper education about the use of contraceptives, then countries may not have as many population problems in the future.  While their family will be big with sextuplets, it will also be difficult for their children to be supported with a father that is currently unemployed.  It would create huge change in Muslim society to introduce contraceptives, but I think that this change may benefit society, more than hurt Muslim traditions.

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