Friday, February 03, 2012

Blog #3: 2 Kidnapped Americans Released in Egypt

         On the surface, this article is delivering the good news that two American tourists who were kidnapped in the southern part of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula were freed; however this drudges up a much bigger issue happening in Egypt right now. After the first bit of good news the article goes on to discuss how kidnapping has now become a problem in Egypt. The convicted kidnappers are called the “Bedouins,” and they’re apparently conducting these kidnappings in order to get the Egyptian government to release prisoners. The most concerning part of this article is this particular quote: “Kidnappings and daylight armed robberies have become increasingly common in the turbulent year since Egypt's long-ruling dictator Hosni Mubarak was overthrown.” What would usually be considered a positive thing (the overthrowing of a dictator) has somehow spurred a violent reaction. In addition to the two Americans, reports of 24 Chinese workers and two children on their way to school have been reported kidnapped.
            In our Global Problems text, it mentions that, “States emerging from the former Soviet Union, Ukraine, and Belarus, saw a surge in organized criminal activity, or ‘mafia capitalism.’” It also says that the growth of free markets with less government regulation has increased opportunities for national and international crime cartels. This is what I believe is happening in Egypt. Newly found political “freedom” if you will, has catalyzed these “Bedouins” to believe that they can govern themselves, or commit crimes to get what they want. I wonder if besides the obvious crime increase, this could cause other problems for the Egyptians economically. If tourists are being kidnapped, people are less likely to visit the country, which could cause even more economic strife.

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