Friday, February 03, 2012

Blog #2 Frankie McAteer

Labor Issues in China
Today the Jean companies in China are literally making their employee's suffer, with multiple hours of overtime with no time and a half pay. They do not even get much time to sleep or any free time to have some fun. Most of the jean factory workers are female, the men say that females are easy to control and are exsposable. These jeans companies are very competitive, they are only selling their jeans for 4$ a pair and jean coat. That's ridiculous! Many Americans complain soo much about having it bad in life or their job is terrible. Imagine working 70 to 80 hours a week and only getting paid 60 dollars a month. There is no comparison to in life to how they live, Americans cannot. When the employees are late they get fined every minute that they are late, or if they talk, laugh, complain, also fined.

To me this is unbelievable, i've never imagined that their work was to this extreme. How can you get fined at an hourly job? You are suppose to get paid when you clock in, its not a salary base pay. I would never make it there, fining me for talking or even laughing? Another thing is they dont even get paid on time. The workers in this movie havent got paid for 3 months. The thing is that they can do that there, if you quit thats your problem and they dont have to pay you for those 3 months. Our employment rate is growing in america, but I promise you that even a homeless person in America couldnt even go through what these woman and in even some case's young girls are going through. They need to put stricter laws throughout the world and not just in specific places. If they left it like it is there would be no way these companies could even compete.

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