Friday, February 03, 2012

Blog #3: Firm claims to offer same education as top public schools for half the price

Public versus private school has been an issue for many parents when their children which that school attending age. Some parents have to choose public school for the reason that they cannot afford to send their children to a private school. It does not matter which country you are in this seems to be an issue. A company that is based in Dubai is willing to open some schools that will cut the tuition for private school a little so the middle class can send their children there.
Parents want to send their children to a private school because they know their children will receive a good education. Due to inflation, the price of private school has risen 27% in the UK. This private school will be able to provide doctors for the children which makes the parents feel even better about sending their children there. With the price cuts the prestigious teachers may not be willing to teach at the school because of the fear how well they should be paid. Even though there are a lot of variables to be played out the idea of lower tuition to private schools could solve a lot of problems. Education is what fuels our work force. If kids are receiving good educations it will then create better workers. Not only should tuition be lowered in Europe but as well in other countries. Education is a global social problem because children around the world need the education they deserve to help the global economy.  The lack of proper education is draining our society. If the private schools would lower their tuition it could potentially open doors to many children.

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