Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Blog 3: Global Cyber Regulations Needed to Combat Attacks, Study Finds

           Communication networks, financial institutions, and power grids have been at severe risk for attacks. The cyber security worldwide needs to be improved. Foreign countries along with the United States should team together to block the criminals and terrorists from getting to important information. These criminals have been allowed to spy and get information that was supposed to remain a secret. Currently the United States is taking steps to get control of the internet “crime rings”. So far they have caught six Estonians and one Russian that were conducting web fraud on over 4 million people in over 100 different countries including the United States. A poll was conducted and the majority of the people nationally and internationally said that cyber security is a growing issue. It is causing great economic damage to the countries affected.

            I personally feel that internet cyber security needs to be beefed up. So far I do not believe enough has been done to protect people and information that gets transpired across the internet. I actually have been affected by this directly in two different instances. The first was when I applied for a job. The company’s information had been tampered with and stolen so every applicant’s information was up for grabs to the hackers. My identity was almost stolen. The other instance was a huge issue last year with e-mails. Hackers got one of my family member’s e-mail accounts and sent out e-mails to everyone included in her contacts saying that she was stuck in Madrid and needed money wired to her immediately. Now, suppose someone that received that e-mail did not know it was a scam. This cyber security issue is a global issue because everyone is affected whether or not the experienced the effects directly or not. I hope that the governments of all the countries involved come together and try to put an end to these cyber attacks. We need more security protection programs for the internet overall.

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