Friday, February 03, 2012

blog #3 HIV rise in Philippines highlights need for global funding

HIV rise in Philippines highlights need for global funding
This article talks about how HIV/AIDS are steady spreading thought the southeast Asia area. It stated in the article that the Philippines have reported over seven thousand cases in the last four years. This is pretty amazing because this means more than thousand people are effected each year and it is still rising. The article talks about how they want to start a fund to reduce the spreading of HIV and also start treatment on HIV disease. They came up with grants and also they are starting new funding which may cut out some of the older ones. The article states "In 2011, all United Nations members adopted a target of a 50 per cent reduction in HIV transmission and 50 per cent of people with HIV being on treatments by 2015. Without the Global Fund, this target is impossible”( The article goes on to say the reason the HIV virus is on a rise is because of the male on male sex, sex workers that provide sex for money who may be carrying the disease and is unaware and also the needle sharers spread the disease. I believe that this is terrible. I think that if people were more careful and got check up more often there situation would not be as bad. According to( foreign HIV and AIDS is steady on the rise and it is effecting the old and young people even kids an babies. I do think the fund that they are working on will be a great way to help get people the right medication they need and also the right equipment they need for instance condoms for gays and provide clean needles for workers and cut out the sex worker or just give them some type of protection too. I think that this s important that something be done about it and quickly so it can not spread anymore overseas or transfer over the US. I believe that the funds and grants they are trying to raise should be well supported because its a great cause for health.

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