Friday, February 03, 2012

Blog # 3 NASA Study Says Global Energy Is Out Of Balance 02/03/11

In this article, NASA goes on to state how the imbalance of solar radiation in, and radiation out has been, and is being affected by global warming.  Which in NASA's word is more evidence that Greenhouse gasses are the driving force for global warming.  NASA held a study that looked at the differences in amounts of radiation coming from the sun and the amount that's reflected back into space.  And according to NASA officials the imbalance is positive, which means the radiation from the earth isn't going back into space but in turn getting reflected back on to the earth, by the mean of Greenhouse gasses.  The data was gathered by using a network of over 3,000 floating monitoring devices which NASA has named Argo and along with ground data and satellite data to help make up this conclusion.
      I believe that what NASA is doing is good,  the public needs to here about these things,  and hopefully that there is more information like this to come.  The world needs to wake up and under stand that every time you use your car, turn on a light, or any of the such, your are influencing the environment, and now we have the proof.  It good to see that NASA is doing something at this point an time.  This article stated the proof of the problem bu then lacks the information about what is actually being done about it.

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