Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog 1 All Ireland children’s heart surgery provision

All Ireland Children's Heart Surgery Provision 

By Mary Louise Connolly
August 30th 

This article focused on restoring a heart surgery clinic located in Belfast.  Many people’s future depended on the location and restoration of this clinic.  UK wide review stated that the service at the Royal Belfast Hospital is safe but it’s not sustainable.  Meaning it was not up to par and would not last, causing people to have to travel to England for treatments instead of staying in their home towns.  Edwin Poots, a stormont Health minister, took the time to review the claim.  People argued that if they were to have to travel to England to receive the help and assistance they needed it would place a lot of stress on both the parents and the children being treated.  Luckily over 10,000 people signed a petition that called for the retention of the surgery center in Belfast.  Sarah Quinn from children’s heart beat trust stated that; the goal was to keep the children’s heart services in Belfast.  She to also believe that having parents and patients travel all the way to England for help is unacceptable.  A few people have stated that having to travel to England is simply unimaginable.  It would place a huge burden on the family and would have caused various people to be separated from their families and friends back home; In addition the financial pressures would have been very difficult to cope with.  The article had a few testimonials from kids who have gone through heart surgery in the past at the Belfast location.  One from Liam Turner 15 stated “having a heart defect means I get tired and out of breath easily” I wouldn’t want to have to travel all the way to England for my treatment and be so far away from my family and friends”.  In conclusion the group plans to hold meetings in September and October across Northern Ireland that will determine the fate of the heart center.  

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