Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog post #1 War, War and More War for Sudan

The article is about a man by the name of President Omar al- Bashir. He has been the ruler of Sudan for 23 years now. His government is under attack by various rebel armies with estimated strength of 60,000 people. There has been a protest by the people for the withdraw of gas subsidies, massive budget deficits, failed harvests and steep increases in food prices. They say Bashir's days could be numbered. They say by getting Bashir out as ruler could spark a new civil war. "Bashir took power in 1989 in a coup masterminded by Hassan al-Turabi, the leading Islamist theologian who in the 1960s founded the Islamic Charter Front, Sudan’s version of the Muslim Brotherhood"(Natsios). Now the rebels are at war with Khartoum. "Abdul Azziz al-Hilu, the former deputy governor of South Kordofan Province, and Malak Agar, the former governor of Blue Nile Province — both former commanders in the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army, which fought a protracted civil war against Bashir’s forces — demand that the provisions of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement their movement reached with the Sudan government in 2005 be fully implemented.
The agreement included a provision that allowed their provinces to bring the public into a democratic participatory process for deciding how to govern themselves in the future. Bashir abruptly ended the process and unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate both Agar and Hilu"(Natsios). There is no proven fact that the rebels can overthrow Bashir's army, but if they do it might just caue a new civil war.

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