Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog 1:Global Terrorist Designation (8/31/12)

Chris Emekauwa
Blog 1: (8/31/12)
Global Terrorist Designation

This week in worldly news the Obama administration considers the option of designating the Haqqani network an official terrorist institute. The Haqqani network is an insurgent group that operates predominantly in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Over past few years the Haqqani network has become a problematic and menacing force for the United States, attacking American bases, Afghan cities, and much more. With many top United States military officials and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in favor of this crucial decision, the Obama administration weighs the negative outcomes of sanctioning the militant group.
One crucial reason the Obama administration is in deep debate about this topic is because the Taliban, a terrorist organization in alliance with the Haqqani network, holds the only known American hostage, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.
With the sergeant’s fate hanging in the balance, the Obama administration also considers the negative effects that this decision could have United States-Pakistan relations. “Critics and officials claim that “such a move would seem to bring Pakistan a step closer to being designated as a state sponsor of terrorism”. American officials believe that Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate is secretly helping the Haqqani network. “Pakistani officials have admitted to sustaining regular contact with the Haqqani network, but have totally denied any involvement in providing help for the militant group”. Pakistan officials also claim that these accusations from the United States have been purported to deflect attention away from the Obama administrations shortcomings in Afghanistan.
 And lastly another reason why the Obama administration has become hesitant is because they don’t believe that designating the Haqqani network as global terrorist would hamper their monetary funding. The Obama administration will come to a decision on this matter by September 9th 2012

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