Saturday, September 01, 2012

Blog #1: An Effort Aims to Use Biomarkers to Pinpoint PTSD Blog 1

The big concern over this entire article is that Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is possibly going undiagnosed or in other words not noticed.   Doctors are even being investigated as to whether they are properly diagnosing military patients. Military people would not want to be known to have this disorder let alone be diagnosed with it because they wouldn’t want it to jeopardize their position in the military.  But then again being diagnosed could also give military benefits so this is something that needs to be left to the doctors to determine the patients’ health.  The main goals right now are coming up with different teams of new protocols and tools in order to diagnose PTSD.  Patients with post-traumatic stress disorder experience a lot of trauma as their main symptom.  The word they use for the main symptoms of PTSD is certain bio-markers such as anxiety, high blood pressure, and a change in hormone levels.  People with PTSD can also come across as very hostile.  So basically we must remember how much are military can be suffering from PTSD and it will cost millions of dollars to have the right equipment to diagnose people.  So are we willing to use all that money in order to help out the military people?  I think we should the military goes through so much in this country for us that I think any precaution should be taken in order to help them get through their trauma.  But there are new treatments being discovered and new techniques in order to help out PTSD victims which is very important to us.

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