Friday, August 31, 2012

Ginny LeBlanc, "China and Germany Promise to Strengthen Ties"

     For some time now there has been controversy over the Chinese helping the Europeans with there debt issue.  The Euro was starting to depreciate and the Chinese had given in a few times to lend them the money to help the Euro even out.  In this article the big debate that has German Chancellor, Angela Merkel on a visit to China to try to settle some disputes between Germany and China.  There has been a lot of controversy between Germany’s largest solar panel producers being undercut by the low-cost panels that China is producing and exporting.  Being that both of these countries are showing signs of lower exports and slower growth, Merkel has come to China to see that they are on the same page, that China has indeed helped the Europeans by lending them money to help with their debt crisis and is showing their hospitality to them by signing a contract that they will purchase 50 Airbus aircrafts equaling 3.5 billion dollars.  This is a way that China is trying to shake hands with the Germans and say “hey, we aren’t out to take or ruin your economy”  They are all in the same position and they need to help each other rather then make enemies.  While Merkel didn’t comment on the alleged dumping of solar panels, it was an obvious reason for the invite of the Germans to China.  With this attitude Merkel was assuring the Chinese that the Euro was still strong, in the hope that they would help Europe, once again, try to dig Europe out of a hole.  Angela couldn’t speak for all of Europe, but her appearance was a strong and helpful one to keep the ties between the Chinese and Europeans at ease.

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