Friday, August 31, 2012

Corey Sitton, Blog 1. Aug. 30th

Everybody knows that China has labor issues. Many sweat shops with underage workers and hazordous conditions are what makes up the countries production of products.  What many people don't know, is that the ipod they listen to everyday, or the cell phone they talk on, or the laptop they are using went through the hands of many of these people working in china. Apple has huge manufacturing companies contracted in China to produce their products.  Saftey is an issue in most of these companies. Apple has made statements and intentions to improve regulations of saftey monitoring, but skepticism sets in when consumers hear of stories such as this one. Explosions are typically caused by improper treatment of hazordous and deadly chemicals.  Uneducated and misinformed workers are not strictly audited to follow correct saftey procedures, and human lives are sometimes the cost.  Apple seems to be a company trying to keep up and monitor the companies in China who are producing their product, and according to Steve Jobs in the article, they may be the most aware and proactive company in this area.  Many other companies also have millions of products a year manufactured within the harsh working conditions in China.  What is the US doing to generate a safer work environment for the employess of the companies they contract with?

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