Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog 1: Sex Trafficking/Crime (8/31/12)

On my first blog  I am going to talk about sex trafficking. I think this is one of the largest growing global social problem. I think it is talked about among people all of the time but for some reason not much is getting done about fixing the problem. I know most people are aware of what is going on but I am not sure why when a parent calls about their children going missing the cops immediately say the child is a runaway and from all of the articles I have read the families end up finding their child on their own or someone finds them dead. According to "Tampa Bay Times" the crime rate for sex trafficking goes up when any event that draws a large number of people is happening. There are multiple organizations that try and draw awareness such as "Shared Hope International" and "Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution" This week in particular there was one large event that these organizations were worried about raising the rates in sex trafficking. This event was called "Republican National Convention". According to the article it was going to raise the rates 60 percent just in that week because a lot of businessmen are looking for that when they are traveling and it is a lot less noticeable when there are a lot of people staying in hotels and a lot of people going in and out it is harder to spot human trafficking. The people who traffic the young girls know what to do, where to do it, and who to market to. This is only one instance of many. I have read so many articles about human trafficking and it scares me to know how easy it would be for someone to grab me while walking to class or walking anywhere near campus. Crime is high around UNCG and many other places and you never know when something could happen to you. I try to be aware of me surroundings and stay educated on this topic. I just really wish there were not sick people that did things like this. It makes me wonder if technology is one of the reason it is easier to traffic young girls rather in the old days. I plan  to continue to follow news stories about crime over the semester and stay educated on more sex trafficking stories. 

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