Friday, September 21, 2012

Ax -swing man kills 3 and wounds 13...

Courtney Gaston
September 21, 2012
Blog #4
Earlier this morning in China, an unknown man goes in to a day care center and attacks the children in the day care center. This man kills three children and wounds 13 children by the time police arrived. There were children the ages of six and twelve in the day care center. At the time of the attack, the children were having lunch and then this anonymous man came in and began swinging an ax at the children. Out of the 13 children that were wounded some of them were severely injured. Police were able to detain the anonymous man and arrest him but have not yet found out a motive or reason behind the attack. Violent crimes are not uncommon in mainland China against children. In 2010, there were three consecutive school attacks that took place over 3 days. One of the incidents included a middle-aged man going into a school and stabbing twenty-nine children and three teachers in 2010. When this man went to court his motive for the violent crime was he wanted to “vent his rage against society”. This was also the effect of his anger from a series of public humiliation and unsuccessful business ventures. The man was sentenced to the death penalty; this was an example to all that the authorities were getting tough on crime against children. Many people believe these attacks had no coordination and were reactions from mentally unstable people or those with extreme grievance against the government. But others argue that increasing societal pressures on Chinese people and a need for China to examine its mental health and treatment are the causes of these attacks.

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