Friday, September 21, 2012

Blog 4: Evaluating Schools on Gay Rights

Rachel Griffin
Many people have researched their potential college/university online so that they can see if the school has their major, club or organizations that interest them, or even if the population size is small or big enough for them. And even when someone is admitted to the school of their choice they are online searching to see if this is the class they want to take or to see if they have an easy professor. This article talks about a new criterion that students in Britain are looking at when attending a college or university. Students want to know how open schools are to sexuality. There is now an online guide created by Stonewall UK called Gay By Degree. The head of education at Stonewall UK stated that it is important for prospective gay students are able to research how friendly universities are. The site rates each university by 10 factors. They are rated by whether they have their own LGB student associations, whether staff members are trained in LGB issues, and whether there are official policies to protect LGB students from bullying. Many schools are trying to improve their scores so that they can recruit students from diverse backgrounds.
This article makes me think about what we have been talking about this week in class. This makes me think about the rights that are afforded to those who homosexual. I think that this can be looked at as a good idea so that students will understand what kind of university they are choosing to go to. It also helps them learn what types of rights that the university has for their students whether they are heterosexual or homosexual. I feel that all students should be aware of the rights that are offered by their university or any establishment that they are interested in attending. 

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