Friday, September 07, 2012

Blog #2 Campaign References to Afghanistan Are Missing In Action

This article is talking about the war the United States is in with Afghanistan. We have been in this war for 128 months and counting, this is the longest conflict in our history. It also states that the war wasn't mentioned in the Republican National Convention. “If American fatalities in Afghanistan continue at their current rate — about one soldier per day on the battlefield — the death toll should reach 2,000 in a couple weeks. (More than 4,480 Americans died in the eight years of the Iraq war)” (McDonald). Romney's officials say if he gets put in office then he will review our transition to the Afghan military by holding discussions with our commanders in the field. “An Obama campaign official told my colleague Helene Cooper that Senator John Kerry, a decorated U.S. Navy veteran and the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, would speak on Thursday — the night scheduled for Mr. Obama’s renomination — about “how the president has restored America’s leadership in the world, has taken the fight to our enemies, and has a plan to bring our troops home from Afghanistan just like he did from Iraq” (McDonald). I don't think we should still be fighting over in Afghanistan. I think this war should have been over years ago. I don't believe it will end anytime soon but there is no reason why we are still over there fighting.

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