Friday, September 07, 2012

Blog 2: Too young for a stroke? Think again

The article follows the story of Todd McGee who had a stroke at the age of 34. Todd ignored many of the signs because he thought that it was just a bad headache and due to his age it couldn't be anything life changing. However, Todd now is disabled with loss of the use of an arm and even speech that is hard to understand. When dealing with stoke victims, it is necessary that they receive treatment as soon as 4 hours after the stroke begins in order to prevent and permanent damage to the body. Many factors that can trigger a stroke include high blood pressure, obesity, alcohol abuse, and smoking. In women there is a greater risk while on birth control because it increases your chance of a stroke as a side effect.

Many people tend to not worry about stroke and believe it to be something that only happens when you reach a higher age range. However, it is clear that due to many factors, a stroke can be brought on sooner in life. Any form of medical signs should not be ignored because in some cases, much like Todd's, the "small" problem can turn into something medically dangerous. The article stated that it is normally harder to tell when those of a young age are experiencing a stroke because they are misdiagnosed with other medical issues, such as, vertigo, migraines, inner ear problems, or alcohol intoxication. It is important to receive a M.R.I. to diagnose the problem correctly. If a younger person experiences dizziness, weakness, headaches, numbness on one side, and vision trouble then it is important to get to a hospital as soon as possible. I thought it important that the article stated that a stroke should never be ruled out due to a patient’s age. This way it increase chance of survival and prevents further damage.

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