Friday, September 14, 2012

Blog #2 "Immigration and Emigration"
By: Michael Czerwanka for the New York Times

There has been no immediate or significant effort toward federal immigration reform since a bipartisan effort in 2007 by President Bush. During his first term he asked congress to create a worker program where immigrants could work for three years and then go home and it offered them a chance to become legal citizens by registering as temporary workers but he did not push for this during his reelection year.  In August the Repulican Party adopted a stance on immigration that requires employers nationwide to verify workers legal status and deny federal financing to universities that allow illegal immigrant students to enroll at lower in-state tuition rates. Also Republican Presidential candidate  Mitt Romney said that he will veto the Dream Act which would give legal status to illegal immigrants who came to the U.S when they were children. He said that he would consider the Dream Act for illegal immigrants who serve in the military. In June 2012 President Obama put a policy in place that will allow many immigrants who came to the U.S illegally as children a chance to get a permit that will immune them for deportation for 2 years at a time..Young people are taking their time to apply because of the possible risks for parents and siblings who are here illegally and are not eligible for it. You must be under 31 years old and show that you have been living here since June 15th 2007 and pay $465 for the application fee. What does this mean to families who come here as immigrants from other countries? It means that families are split up and divided and forced to make devastating decisions to avoid deportation or become legal citizens of the U.S. Globalization and outsourcing force families to come to the U.S for a small pay increase than from their home countries. Yet when they come here to work these jobs that are paying them insulting wages they are not safe or guaranteed citizenship.

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