Friday, September 14, 2012

Blog #2 Soc 202-001 Corey Sitton

Cutting skilled labor cost...sounds awful doesn't it? Is this not what we are bred to do as Americans? Get good grades in school so you can make mom and dad proud and get into a good college. Get good grades in college so that you can get a good degree and therefore get a good job. Get a good job so you can make money, pay bills, have a family, and pursue happiness. But wait, according to this article, what is happening to millions of Americans across the nation is that the final step to their success is the hardest to complete. They spend money to go get an education and learn a skill, and then nobody is hiring. Why is nobody hiring? Well, America is outsourcing jobs, and they are doing it to save money. We are too expensive to pay as skilled workers here. The problem is it is so expensive to get the education to of the skill, that we need to be paid what companies can't afford to make up for the loss. Why do American companies not see the point in keeping Americans working here in our country? According to Folbre, "The more fundamental question is how much American employers can cut their costs either by importing highly skilled workers or exporting highly skilled jobs." The competition of young career aspiring Americans is in serious threat to Globalization of the economy. 

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