Friday, September 07, 2012

Blog 2 Somalia Drought 'One of the largest Humanitarian Crises in Decades

So I stumbled across an article of what ABC news calls “One of the largest Humanitarian Crises in Decades”.  Currently in Somalia thousands of people are suffering from one of the worst droughts ever in history. It has been said Somalia hasn’t seen rain in two years and might not get any until at least October.   It is up to these people to travel to Kenya or Ethiopia in order to be at a refugee camp where they will have access to water, shelter, and food.  For most people it takes up to “50” miles to reach the camp in Kenya which typically is taking weeks for some families.  They listed examples of families who are struggling really badly with the travel.   It really upset me that one woman had to leave her sick malnutrition child behind on the side of the road because she was too sick to travel anymore in order to travel and save the rest of her family.  Even though people arrive at these camps with nothing to own they are very thankful if they have all their family still alive and food to eat.  According to ABC news, the United States has put in $5 million to aid the refugees.  At this point these refugees need all the possible aid they can get.  This is heartbreaking and I plan on making a donation myself.  They listed a couple different organizations in order to make donations such as the “World Food Programme”.  Somalia is at desperate times right now and the best we can do is continue to help them as much as possible.  This article also would help point out that when you’re enjoying your amazing meal stop and think that these people are traveling on foot for thirty days and losing family members by the minute and just a $10 donation at least could help out.

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