Friday, September 07, 2012

Lakeisha Richardson, Family Planning Blog 2

Family planning has been in the news lately many people are for it and there are some against it. Family planning helps women and adolescents in a variety of ways. According to Joyce Nyakato article "Benefits of Family Planning" 44% of newborn deaths would be averted and the number of women needing medical care due to complications of unsafe procedures would decline from about 8.5million to 2million worldwide. Family planning provides a lot of medical help for many women and adolescents in need. One benefit that many people may not think of is education. If adolescents were able to protect themselves from having a child early in life, they would have a better chance of furthering their education.

Not only is family planning one of the main topics in the United States upcoming presidential election, but it is something many countries around the globe are trying to adapt and receive funds for. In the Philippines, according to journalist Monolo Jara, the family planning bill is beginning to receive more support. According to professors at the De La Salle University in the Philippines, “Lack of access to quality and affordable reproductive health services and family planning information as well as poverty,” they said, “has kept many women from taking their own voice, exercising their basic rights and taking their place as full members of society.”  According to journalist Kavila Wambua Machakos Kenya has the lowest proportion of unplanned pregnancies. Here in this town an average of 53.2 percent of women is using family planning.
Although some people do not agree with planned parenthood (family planning) many people have come to see the many benefits it provide women and adolescent girls.   (author Joyce Nyakato)  (author Monolo Jara)  (author Kavila Wambua)

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