Friday, September 14, 2012

Blog 3 Court Rulings Help Illegal Immigrants' College Bound Children

In this article, the problems about students who parents are considered immigrants are not allowed to attend universities in certain states such as Florida and New Jersey. These states are known for reducing their expenditures on college education by denying low tuition rates and financial aid. This problem is causing these innocent students who solely want to further their own education and succeed to refrain from doing so. In the article, Mr. Shalom quotes”…we think that’s decidedly un-American” really stood out to me because many immigrants do come to America to seek greater opportunities. America is known for allowing the freedom of so many rights and is denying it to US citizens. It is denying freedom to those that are citizens only because they cannot show proof that their parents are residence. Most immigrants are not able to get jobs and are not living in a decent social class. These students are more than likely going to school because they want to reach social mobility and get themselves and their parents out of their low social class. That social gap between the rich and poor has been a problem and keeping these students from going to school will keep them from gradually solving this problem. Not being able to afford college and further their education is not allowing them to let themselves step up the social ladder. This is keeping colleges from being diverse and from having professional leaders of different backgrounds. The US is known for having all kinds of cultures and there is need of bilingual doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, and etc. Therefore this is an important issue that affects not only students with immigrant parents, but also everyone else. 

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