Friday, September 14, 2012

Blog #3, Drug Cartel leader caught, crime.

Mexico: Purported Gulf drug cartel leader caught

Thursday morning a man was caught and arrested by the mexican marines. They captured Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sanchez, which is a huge victory right now to the Mexican marines. According to the article "it could open a power vacuum and intensify a struggle south of the Texas border in northeast Mexico, a region that has seen some of the most horrific violence in the country's six-year war among law-enforcement and rival gangs". A lot of Costilla’s guards and “army” have also now been arrested for assisting in the drug trafficking. I wanted to research drug trafficking for this blog because it is such a huge ordeal in crime right now. In chapter five of “Social Global Problems” they talk about “drug wars”. This article that I chose was a good example of a drug war. This has been a popular phrase ever since “The War on Drugs” began when Ronald Reagan was our president. In Mexico violence because of this issue was a bigger deal than it was in the US and had a huge effect on their crime rate. In mexico gangs were trying to gain power over certain cities. Mexico’s war on drugs involved international movement of drugs, guns, and people. Illegal drugs were being trafficked into all parts of the US. Then police corruption began so the government had to rely on the army instead to try to put an end to the drug trafficking. Even after all of this time the movement of illegal drugs is still a battle. It is good that the Mexican army captured him but their are so many others out their that have power and have yet to be caught. What does this say about our future and what does this say about Mexico and the US? I worry about the spill over violence into the US and the continuing of drug trafficking. 

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