Friday, September 21, 2012

Blog #4- Hate Crime based on sexuality

In this blog I would like to talk about hate crimes that are caused because of sexuality. I think this is a good topic for this weeks blog because this is what we did our discussion board on. I read an article titled “U.S. Marines probed for hate crime in beating a man in a California gay bar”. In San Diego this week four marines were being investigated for beating a gay man outside of a gay bar. Witnesses reported that during the attack the men were using terms that would indicate that they were beating him because of his sexuality. They were arrested and released on bail and all returned to their units. After reading this article I researched hate crimes based on sexuality and it took me to Gay Life. This website says that even though there is an increase in acceptance of gays, lesbians, transgender and bisexual people, gay and lesbian hate crimes continue to rise. There are many stories posted on this website about hate crimes over the past 40 years. It also shows evidence such as; “In 2004 the FBI reported that 15.6 percent of hate crimes reported to the police were founded on perceived sexual orientation, 61 percent of those attacks were on gay men”.  Also the claim was made in 2007 that hate crimes based on sexual orientation are the third most common type behind race and religion. What does this say about our country? Why is this happening? And why do people care so much about others sexuality? We are usually taught in schools not to discriminate, so why do people think it is okay to discriminate against people based on their sexuality. This is a global issue because it is happening everywhere not just in the U.S. In my discussion I talked about how Based on empirical evidence people are judged and talked about based on peoples religions. In Russia there is no law for same sex marriages and it seems to be legal that females are with females and males are with males. In Algeria and Rwanda Gays are not able to serve in the military. In chili and Australia you have the ability to change your gender on official documents. Hate crimes based on gender identity seems to be the most frequent in the USA and hate crimes based on sexual orientation seems to be a big deal in the USA, Canada, Denmark, Peru, the UK and even more. Based on all of this evidence hate crime based on sexuality is a huge deal and needs to be stopped.

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