Friday, September 21, 2012

Blog 4, 9/21 Republicans Push Bill to Help Foreign Science Graduates Stay

In the House of Representatives, Republican leaders are eager to pass a bill to help foreign students graduating with advanced degrees in science and technology to stay in the United States. This article deliberates about the attempt to authorize an extent to improve legal immigration for those advanced graduates in the STEM fields. STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This will lead to distribute up to 55, 000 visas, which are also known as green cards to graduates with master’s or doctoral degrees from American universities each year. The bill will eliminate a lottery run each year that gives out the same number of green cards randomly to applicants from countries that do not have large immigrant populations in the Unites States. Albeit, a Democratic Representative introduced a measure that would still create 50, 000 new green cards for these advanced graduates that would not reduce the visas available to the lottery.
This bill is not only beneficial to the foreigners, but also to the US economy and employment. These foreigners will be able to stay here in the United States and hopefully create businesses, reach social stratification, help America become more advanced and reach the same level as other advanced countries. The foreigners can make new businesses, which will create more jobs here and reduce the unemployment rates. Sending them back home to their countries to work will only cause more competition for the United States and cause other countries to be better off. Some of these students might not come from such high social class and are earning these degrees to get themselves there and this can help them reach social stratification. Also, if the students do not come from developed countries, they will be able to help their family back home to live better. Sending the foreigners back home, most likely will lead for them to work for competitors of the United States. Therefore, keeping them here keeps the United States to be seen as a competitive threat even more than usually. This will help benefit the American economy. The foreigners are going to be able to be a part of the innovation and prosperity that the United States longs for and help advance the country also. 

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