Friday, September 21, 2012

Blog 4: Violation of Human Rights of Georgian Prison Scandal

After recent video evidence emerged from physical inmate abuse by guards in the Gldani prison were shown on TV, hundreds of people have taken post in the country's capital of Tbilisi. The videos aired on TV9 capture guards sodomizing an inmate, as well as physical abuse of another inmate. Officials immediately took action in the prosecution of 10 guards and other prison officials as an investigation is underway under the premises of “torture and human and degrading treatment”. Georgia president Mikheil Saakashvili has contributed his support of the arrests of said prison officials, possibly in conjunction with hopes of presidential election support for the upcoming parliamentary elections on Oct. 1.  It is also rumoured to have been a staged footage account, with a large compensation for the assailants carrying out the attacks.  However, in 2010 the same Georgian prison had reported cases of inmate abuse, both physical and sexual. 

Regardless of here-say, Georgia is not the only country plagued by human rights violations in regards to prison violence. In 2007, a report by the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics reported 70,000 inmates of American penitentiaries are annually sexually victimized. It also stated that 2.9% were staff-on-inmate sexual abuse. These occurrences frequent prison inmates, as the inmates are victims as often times officials running the penitentiary blur their roles as enforcers of the law but instead feed into the power and control held over inmates. This hierarchy of forced power upon weaker subjects is also found among inmates. Many of the victims are weak and frail in statue, gay, first offenders, and those sentenced for violence and sexual abuse of minors. Often times victimized inmates are many times defenseless, for if they should speak out, they could face repercussions of further torture and abuse. Under premises of the International Human Rights Law, these conditions fall under ill-treatment and torture and must be investigated and ensure criminal sanctions against the assailants to be held criminally responsible.

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