Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blog 4: Air pollution 'will become bigger global killer than dirty water'

     Researchers say that Urban air pollution will be the leading environmental cause of pre-mature death in a couple of decades which will overtake killers and contaminated drinking water.  There could be 3.6 million deaths a year when 2050 comes around mainly in India and china.  Rich countries will worse effect of air pollution due to ground-level ozone and because of there are many old individuals which they have more of a chance to be infected.  The four areas of most concern in the future are climate change, loss of biodiversity, water and the health impacts of pollution.  If the pollution continues the way that it is going we will pass the levels of greenhouse gas emission that scientist claim it was safe.  Global green house effect can increase almost as half as energy demand rises only if the world doesn't use cleaner forms of energy. Water demand is likely to rise and when 2050 comes around 40 percent of the global population will be staying under severe water stress. The depletion groundwater would become I major issue water supplies and also agriculture.  The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development find out some steps in taking in order to improve Urban pollution.  The OCED would love for individuals to use petrol for vehicles instead of diesel.  Even though diesel produce lower greenhouse emission than petrol, diesel lets out small particular matter which can be dangerous to the environment.  Biofuels can be another danger to the water supply because, even though it help emit less carbon but it reduces biodiversity and puts a strain on the usage of water.  The government going to probably think about long term decisions on the environmental issues such as the usage of biodiversity and diesel and decide wether to continue to use it or stop the usage to environmental problems they cause.
  This article I believe give some excellent ideas in ways of improving the environment.  Since pollution is estimated to be one of the leading cause of pre-mature deaths it's only right that the world think about long term effects.  In the article it mentioned that diesel lets out small particular matter that can harm the environment so, I order to improve the environment diesel should not be used.  Biofuels can help emit less carbon but, the long term effect it has on the environment  is that it harms water supplies.  Biofuels being eliminated is a small price to pay and could save many lives in the near future.  The government will improve the environment if they think about the long term effects.


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